How To Transfer Money From Freecharge To Bank Account

Transfer Money Online

Due to demonetization there are bid crisis for money, all bank ATM machine may be empty. This is the guest post by Here you can get the tips to transfer money from freecharge to bank account.

With development of technology we have seen the emergence of various devices and software that eases the hectic tasks of daily life. The most popular among these advancements are the smart phone and the mobile applications supported by them. Each and everything is available on finger tips and is just one tap away from our reach.
In this context, we have seen the budding of various mobile applications for reducing our efforts, and now the online banking system has added bonus to our luxury.

And now, the apps such as Paytm and Freecharge are leading the domain of online transaction where you do not require any of the banking details. Here you just need a personal account of yours in the website and an application of the same installed in your smart device.

Online Payment

This is just a method to pave a smooth a way making online payments for your orders in various online shopping portals. This will not only make safe and secure bill payment but will also fetch you various discounts and cash back offers.

It is considered as one of the most reliable and safest method of bill payment and money transfer through online method. But here, the question arises that is it possible to transfer you Freecharge account balance to your personal bank savings account?

So, the answer is a big yes, and you can easily transfer your funds in case of urgency to your bank account and accomplish your task without any hindrance.

Steps For Transfer Money

Here are some of the important steps that help you to transfer your Freecharge bucks to bank account.
• First of all visit the Freecharge website and enter your personalized account details such as username and password. Log in to your Freecharge account.
• After logging in to your account, the website will ask you to upgrade your account. You can do this by entering your current active mobile number.
• When you submit the details, you will receive a onetime password from the authority which should be submitted to the website in order to do the verification for your mobile number and also for your account.
• Add the desired amount to your Freecharge wallet and recover your old bucks instantly.
• Now visit the Wallet to Bank Transfer page and click on the Bank option in the drop down menu.
• Enter your bank account details including IFSC code. If your account is in Allahabad bank you should enter ifsc code of Allahabad bank in the required field. Now again go to the Cash option in the menu and click on the withdrawn money to bank.
• Now select your bank account, verify your account with the help of OTP, and submit the details.
• In these simple steps, your desired amount will be credited to your bank account.

Hope you understand how to transfer money from Freecharge to your bank account. For any kind of query comment in the comment box.

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