Best Five luxury car in India

Owning a luxury car is a dream of millions but only a few in the lot can afford to realize this dream in a lifetime. Thanks to the lucrative financing options available in the present era, this has considerably boasted the sales of luxury cars in the nation. Performance, boasting rights and technology are the perks offered by a car of high brand value. Even though it is very natural to be lured by the luxury showrooms and the brand label, you need to remember that there is a huge difference in buying a used luxury car and owning one.

Listed below are the top rated luxury cars in India:

Used car

Mercedes S-class: Mercedes is a brand seconded by none when it comes to luxury cars and a match for the Mercedes S-class is undetermined till date. Mainly the optional AMG variant makes sure the S-class is no slouch. S-Class is currently offered in 2 variants, Mercedes Benz S-class S350 CDI(diesel model) with a price of 1,14,00,000 INR and the Mercedes Benz S-class S500 launch edition(petrol model) with a price of 1,44,00,000 INR namely. Both the petrol and diesel version come with a seven-speed automatic specification. Iridium Silver, Obsidian Black, Palladium Silver and Polar White are the available colors.

BMW 7 Series: The BMW 7 series is undoubtedly one of the strongest competitions in the luxury cars in India. This German beauty is also used by the Prime Minister of India. It offers a few cutting edge technologies and features. The Petrol model is rated as 12.05 kmpl and the Diesel model is rated as 16.46 kmpl. The starting price for this series of cars is 1, 07, 00,000 INR.

Audi A8L: It is highly popular as the German carmaker’s flagship luxury car in the Indian market. This is mainly because of the choices of two diesel and petrol engines which includes a 12-cylinder turbocharged engine makes sure performance is delivered right. It offers six variant colors to choose for your dream car. The price ranges between 1, 12, 95,000 to 1, 27, 95,000 INR.

Volvo S90: It is well known as the Swedish carmaker’s flagship luxury sedan in India. Your choice can never go wrong with any car with Volvo badge. S90 is offered with a standard diesel engine in India and made to be perfect features aboard the vehicle will surely give the more expensive cars a run for their money. Like any other car with a Volvo badge, the S90 is definitely a right choice. This car is available 63, 02,427 INR onwards. It is an eight-speed automatic specified car offering nine striking colors to choose from.

Jaguar XJ: Jaguar has become a feather to the cap of the Tata Motors ever since them on it. It has always been the ambassador of luxury cars. The Jaguar XJ has definitely carried the essence of Jaguar’s unique luxury. This luxury sedan comes with two petrol engines and one diesel including a supercharged V8.

You can also consider The Aston Martin Rapide, The Volvo S60, The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, The Mercedes Benz CLA-Class along with the above mentioned luxury cars before you make your call.

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